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An Effective, Yet Affordable Solution for Health Systems, Health Plans, Providers AND Patients

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Shifting the Disease Conversation from Chronic to Lifestyle

Chronic illness rates are at an all-time high. Sixty percent of US adults have at least one chronic disease, which translates to around 200 million Americans with chronic illness. These conditions are considered chronic because

PRESS RELEASE: inHealth Launches Lifestyle Therapeutics™ Coaching Academy to Develop Clinical Health Coaches and Raise Standard of Health Coaching

Academy now training a new breed of clinicians – clinical health coaches – to become board-certified by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches  Enrollment now open through March 26 for the Spring 2021 program

Clinical Health Coach Spotlight: Faith Shevlin

Our clinical health coaches at inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics get to know so much about their patients, but the patients don’t always get to know much about their coaches. This blog series provides a chance to get to know our clinical health coaching team who are caring for you.  

The Rise of Health Coaching: Turning Lifestyle into Medicine

75 percent of all deaths worldwide. This is the percentage of people projected to die from chronic illness by the end of 2020 (Source: WHO). This global health crisis affects the entire healthcare system, from individuals and their families to large health systems and health plans. Chronic

PODCAST: inHealth CEO Harry Kim on Why Lifestyle Therapeutics Are The Next Frontier in Health

  This post originally appeared on StartUp Health's Podcast hosted by Logan Plaster.

Fighting Fire with Medicine

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Board-Certified Health Coaching: What physicians should know about a new standard of care

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

PRESS RELEASE: inHealth Receives National Board Certification for its Lifestyle Therapeutics Coaching Academy

A new standard of care emerges as digital health company prepares to train many more coaches on its proprietary method of clinical health coaching for chronic disease