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Clinical Health Coach Spotlight: Faith Shevlin

Our clinical health coaches at inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics get to know so much about their patients, but the patients don’t always get to know much about their coaches. This blog series provides a chance to get to know our

The Rise of Health Coaching: Turning Lifestyle into Medicine

75 percent of all deaths worldwide. This is the percentage of people projected to die from chronic illness by the end of 2020 (Source: WHO). This global health crisis affects the entire healthcare system, from individuals and

PODCAST: inHealth CEO Harry Kim on Why Lifestyle Therapeutics Are The Next Frontier in Health

  This post originally appeared on StartUp Health's Podcast hosted by Logan Plaster.

Fighting Fire with Medicine

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Board-Certified Health Coaching: What physicians should know about a new standard of care

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

PRESS RELEASE: inHealth Receives National Board Certification for its Lifestyle Therapeutics Coaching Academy

A new standard of care emerges as digital health company prepares to train many more coaches on its proprietary method of clinical health coaching for chronic disease

New Employer Study Demonstrates Virtual Health Coaching Improves Chronic Disease

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent about a third of Americans home to work remotely and with that, employers were forced to embrace technology that supports them. Without in-person contact, employers faced many hurdles; one of them being how to support their employee’s overall health.  According to

PRESS RELEASE: Employer Study Expands Clinical Evidence for Lifestyle Therapeutics to Improve Chronic Disease

The study, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, demonstrated that clinically obese patients can lose weight in just three visits with virtual health coaching

Lifestyle vs. Medical Care: What Matters More?

Millions of Americans are affected by chronic disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 80 percent of all heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes diagnoses could be prevented if major health risk factors were eliminated. These risk factors include poor nutrition, lack of