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Partner with inHealth to
achieve better patient outcomes.

Build your partnership with inHealth.


Meet with an inHealth Representative

After you fill out the form below, an inHealth representative will review your information. If a partnership seems like a good fit on both sides, we’ll set up a virtual meeting or phone call to discuss your needs and goals and to answer any questions you may have about our services.


Integrate Your Services with inHealth

Once you’re ready to move forward with an inHealth partnership, the next step is to integrate the inHealth service with yours. The inHealthNow app makes this simple, as it enables you to see urgent care patients, it allows health coaches to easily coordinate care for chronic patients, and it connects to most remote health tracking devices.


Begin Using inHealth Services

In addition to urgent care support, when a patient has a chronic condition, inHealth can be prescribed as a service to help improve their health. With healthier numbers come significant benefits to the bottom line of providers, health insurers and medical device companies alike.

Fill out the form to get the conversation started with inHealth.