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Health Coaching with Clinical Results

Lifestyle coaching that prevents and reverses chronic disease.

About the inHealth Method
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Obesity Society

We help at-risk patients improve their lifestyle and stay engaged so they can meet their health goals.

We partner with providers to deliver clinical health coaching services that capitalize on the strengths of patients, give them dedicated support, and fuel better outcomes. We call our solutions Lifestyle Therapeutics because we believe in treating lifestyle as the major cause of disease.

We recognize that engagement is paramount to sustained clinical outcomes with 60 percent of our patients still using our program after six months.

Clinically Proven
Lifestyle Therapeutics

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Clinically Proven Lifestyle Therapeutics

7% Weight Loss at 1 Year

*Johnson, K., Gutierrez, E., Dionicio, P., et al. Telehealth-based health-coaching program produces significant weight loss over 12-months in a Usual Care Setting.

47% Decreased
Insulin Resistance

*Alencar, M., Johnson, K., Mullur, R., et al. (2019). The efficacy of a telemedicine-based weight loss program with video conference health coaching support. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare.

60% Engaged at 6 months

*Johnson, K., Alencar, M., Coakley, K., et al. Telemedicine-Based Health Coaching Is Effective for Inducing Weight Loss and Improving Metabolic Markers. Telemedicine and e-Health. Feb 2019.

Clinical Health Coaching Helps Providers

Our clinical health coaches act as a natural extension of a provider's care. Our providers prescribe inHealth's services, follow their patient's progress as our coaches report updates and share Remote Patient Monitoring data, and collect part of the reimbursement for all visits. Patients get healthier and providers keep them engaged. 

Clinical Health Coaching Helps Health Plans & Employers

Healthcare costs add up quickly for employers. Proven to keep patients engaged and improve their health outcomes, our clinical health coaching services minimize medical costs while offering a valued service that is easy for health plans to adopt and roll out to their members. It's no wonder a top 5 national health plan uses inHealth exclusively for its Diabetes Prevention Program population. 


Clinical Health Coaching Helps Device Companies

When patients disengage with digital health and their devices, these tools are not lucrative nor compliant. By adding clinical health coaching to a device roll-out, our clients see improved patient outcomes and higher levels of compliance. Together we enhance device usability and add new revenue opportunities for device makers. 


What Does the inHealth Program Include?

Dedicated Clinical Health Coach

Once a patient is referred to inHealth, they are paired with one of our board-certified clinical health coaches. With backgrounds such as registered nurses, registered dietitians and clinical care nutritionists, each clinical health coach is trained and certified to deliver gold standard health coaching that is Rx-able and reimbursable. 

Certified online health coaches
Easy-to-Use Telehealth App

The inHealthNow app is what our clinical health coaches primarily use to have weekly video visits, communicate with patients, and provide relevant educational content. From a mobile device, patients receive the support they need from the comfort of their own home. 

The inHealthNow App
Weekly Video Coaching Sessions

Our clinical health coaching services begin with weekly video visits for about 12 weeks. Scheduled by coaches via an app, these visits blend co-active coaching methods with motivational discussions and using our proprietary seven pillars of wellness as a guide. Our clinical health coaches typically see patients up to 24 times per year, and then on an as-needed basis.

Weekly video coaching sessions
Access to Educational Resources

Beyond the regularly scheduled conversations, our clinical health coaches share useful videos and articles with their patients — something the inHealthNow app makes simple. These complementary materials are designed to give patients credible guidance that keep them moving in the right direction.

Useful health articles and videos
Patient Communication Tools

It’s not uncommon for patients to have questions come up in between their health coach visits. When this does happen, patients can conveniently send messages to their clinical health coach via the inHealthNow app. Patients can also use the inHealthNow app to track their food, exercise and sleep.

Patient empowerment healthy lifestyle tools
Remote Patient Monitoring Integration

The inHealthNow app connects to most consumer-based fitness trackers and smart scales. This level of integration gives patients a more comprehensive overview of their health and wellness. Our clinical health coaches are trained to offer advice on how to best use this data to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our provider clients can also take advantage of this tool. 

Integrates with fitness trackers and smart scales
Certified online health coaches
The inHealthNow App
Weekly video coaching sessions
Useful health articles and videos
Patient empowerment healthy lifestyle tools
Integrates with fitness trackers and smart scales

Patients Love inHealth.
See What Some Have to Say...

Feeling fantastic having lost 40 pounds!

The knowledge of what healthy eating really is; how to combat emotional eating; the importance of tracking everything I eat and also of regular exercise; and above all feeling fantastic having lost 40 pounds!

— Amy, inHealth Patient
Learn the “why” behind my diet changes.

My inHealth coach didn't simply tell me what I should do, but educated on WHY I should do things, which gave me added incentive to try her suggestions.

— Andrew, inHealth Patient
I've lost 65 pounds and am no longer diabetic.

I gained 100 pounds in five years, and I was close to being pre diabetic. I needed major help. I have lost 65 pounds since starting the program, my blood pressure is now excellent and I am in the perfect range for A1Cs and glucose levels. I am more active and feel in control of my health.

— Sarah, inHealth Patient

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