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Clinical Health Coach Spotlight: Faith Shevlin

inHealth | December 9, 2020

Our clinical health coaches at inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics get to know so much about their patients, but the patients don’t always get to know much about their coaches. This blog series provides a chance to get to know our clinical health coaching team who are caring for you.  

Maybe we’re biased but we think our coaches are stars in their own right and deserve a spotlight. 

Today, the Spotlight is on... Faith ShevlinFaith is our Clinical Program Manager and a trained clinical health coachFaith has been with the inHealth team for three years and came to us as a holistic dietitian, mind/body practitioner and spiritual mentor. Learn more about Faith and her journey through clinical health coaching below!

Why did you become a clinical health coach?

When I was in school to become a registered dietitian, I knew I was going to use my certification in a unique way. My passion for helping people has always revolved around the holistic, whole person approach, but I rarely saw that applied in the traditional healthcare setting. When I was deciding where I wanted to work and I came across inHealth, it was clear their mission and vision matched my passion 

At inHealth, we bring the holistic approach to traditional health care. Many patients have healthcare experiences that feel forced and use shame and/or fear to try and get results. It’s difficult to create a positive health and wellness experience from that place and rather, we believe behavior change can be achieved from a place of empowerment. With our patients, we build confidence, encourage self-care and ownership, and leverage their strengths. This model of care is directly in line with my passions and our Seven Pillars of Wellness were built from this framework. 

What is your favorite aspect of health coaching?

I love seeing people transform from the inside out. It brings me joy to see people heal and transform the way they view themselves. The foundation of long-term change comes down to cultivating a healthier and loving relationship with oneself. This internal shift is key for positive self-talk, healthier habits, improved self-care, which ultimately leads to overall improved heatlh and well-being. As patients gain higher levels of self-respect, self-worth and self-empowerment, they raise their personal standards in all areas of life, and this leads to greater fulfillment and a more joyful life. 

How does inHealth’s approach to clinical health coaching compare to other digital wellness programs?

Our services merge clinical care with holistic health coaching by bringing together the clinical goal and care plan from the provider with the needs, desires and challenges of the patient. The clinical health coach acts as an extension of the providers office and will execute on their treatment plans and recommendations, while also discovering and addressing the lifestyle choices of the patient.  

We put the patient in the drivers seat by personalizing our program to individual preferences. Our coaches look at the wholeness of a person and treat lifestyle as medicine by focusing on their day-to-day behavior. Our program is tailored to the patient’s needs and specific health goals. Coaches work with our Seven Pillars of Wellness framework to co-create the patient’s health and lifestyle plan. We then instill behavior change within the pillars and use coaching methods to achieve the change that delivers clinical outcomes for the patient. 

What is your favorite inHealth core value and why?

The value of BOLD. What we are offering at inHealth is a missing element in the current healthcare landscapeWith an abundance of information at our fingertips, why is healthcare still functioning in a broken system? 

As I see it, there is a lack of inspiration, connection and empowerment. People crave being seen, heard, understood, and supported. Coaches are meeting a crucial need for people in how they receive care with one-on-one connection and genuine compassion. 

Often people are treated based on their disease and history. Our coaches are committed to addressing the person, not the disease, and with this our patients achieve and sustain better health outcomes. Our company breeds BOLD-ness with our nontraditional approach to care because we have proven clinical outcomes that this approach to care works. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend a lot of my free time being active, especially in nature, and getting involved in my local community and service at my church. I also spend quality time with family and loved ones and as a lifelong learner, I am always seeking truth in areas such as a health, wellness and personal development. 

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