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The Reality of Healthcare Spend for Employers


Annual American healthcare spend exceeds that of entire economies.

American employers spend almost $1.2 trillion annually on healthcare for both employees and their families. This spend is more than the entire economies of Mexico, which includes a population of 125 million, as well as Indonesia, which includes a population of 260 million.


U.S. employers spend $530 billion per year on poor worker health.

Poor worker health costs equate to 60 cents for every dollar that employers put toward healthcare benefits. Lost productivity due to worker absence, impaired performance as a result of chronic conditions and workers’ compensation can all contribute to this increased expense.


Large employers cover nearly 70% of annual healthcare costs for employees.

Next to employee wages, healthcare tends to be the second-largest operating expense for employers. That’s because employees only pay around 30% of healthcare costs. And with premium plans and annual cost increases, employer spending on healthcare continues to rise.

How inHealth Helps Health Plans Overcome These Obstacles



Motivate Behavior Change

inHealth offers convenient online health coaching for employees. Rather than manage existing conditions, our coaches tackle the causes of obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions. This helps patients understand their behaviors and feel empowered to make lifestyle changes.



Get Healthier Numbers with Healthier Decisions

The most successful health and wellness programs are the ones that keep patients engaged. inHealth programs are designed to do just that, with clinically proven outcomes that support these efforts. As the health of employees improves, so does their productivity in the workplace.



Improve Wellness to Reduce Costs

inHealth programs help patients prevent, manage and improve chronic conditions. Fewer healthcare concerns for employees translates into fewer healthcare costs for employers. Reducing one of the largest operating expenses for employers offers significant benefits to their bottom line.

Do more than help employees
manage conditions. Help change them.

In an age where “sick care” has become the norm and medical costs are on the rise, inHealth aims to flip the script. Our health coaches combine clinical expertise with an understanding of behavioral change to help patients make the right health-oriented decisions for the long-term.

Let inHealth help
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