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Why Remote Health Coaches Applaud Gorpcore Chunky Sneakers

Michelle Alencar | November 8, 2019

It’s okay to feel funny about recommending to your patients that they wear those trendy chunky shoes with the massively cushioned heels. We don’t often mix medicine with fashion at all. But things change. Trends evolve. And the fact is this: what you wear does affect your health. Remote health coaches often look at lifestyles like the key to a door that needs to open in order to find the answers to the questions about weight loss. Part of lifestyles actually include fashion.

Here’s What the Remote Health Coach Will Tell Your Patients: What You Like to Wear Certainly Does Matter

Cotton tanks in the middle of winter might make it easier for you to catch a cold. Stilettos will stymie feet from feeling paradise. Did we mention feet? If there ever was a key piece of advice we could ever give our patients, it’s this: we need to protect our feet. This is especially the case if we’re constantly in motion, working out and staying fit.

Thankfully a fashion trend’s making waves to support not only the runway, but our overall health and fitness: corpcore chunky sneakers are still in. Go ahead and tell that to your patients.

Also known as “ugly chic,” this trend linking that active lifestyle with the fact that we’re protecting our very ability to walk -- or run, or climb, or traverse landscapes. Everything we do when it comes to weight loss involves motion. Why not wear the right clothes to do that?

You’ll see the trail-inspired shoe still making its headlines for quite a while, making it okay to wear them even when you’re not rock climbing. It can then literally be your lifestyle, and not just the lifestyle of a daredevil on Mt. Everest.

The style of dress, as you already know, is gorpcore, which stands for “good ol’ raisins and peanuts,” emphasizing “trail mix” -- leading us to the trail, the journey in nature to some destination. Think hiking, climbing, camping. Everything we love about nature. It’s an ode to utilitarian items like the fleece jacket and the cargo pant, except now we’re seeing that it’s fashionably acceptable and accessible to wear this stuff.

Your Patients Might Like Those “Ugly” Gorpcore Chunky Sneakers Already

And the good news is you can support their fashion lifestyle now. With a passion, in fact. Let that businesswoman know the stiletto heel won’t be necessary anymore -- at least not during work hours. Feel free to invest in a good pair of any of those “ugly” gorpcore chunky sneakers, because it’ll be magic for the feet to fit in.