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Calling all physicians, health plans, and medical innovators.

Harry Kim | November 20, 2019

kim-harry-circleGod bless the men and women of our healthcare system.  Every day, they work at the top of their profession to intervene in our health condition… this measurement, that diagnosis, this pill, that treatment.

But underlying every medical condition (especially chronic diseases) is the untapped medicine of our lifestyle. Like a blockbuster treatment sitting on the shelf waiting to be prescribed.

inHealth’s Lifestyle Therapeutics is a culmination of a 10 year pursuit (and we are just getting started) to put lifestyle science-into-action through passionate, accredited, world-class coaches to deliver clinically-proven outcomes.  More than warm and fuzzy coaches, the clinical rigor of RCT (randomized clinical trials) and published results means health professionals can prescribe and collect reimbursement through CPT codes.

Imagine layering a proven lifestyle therapy program that complements existing medical treatments and interventions.

Imagine a program that supports and empowers patients between visits.

Imagine patients (and their families) becoming conquerors, not victims, of their condition.

A new model and standard of care is emerging.  Calling all physicians, health plans, and medical innovators.  Together, we can improve change the outcomes equation and transform the patient’s experience.

Let’s go.