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Transforming Lives in the State of Kansas

What is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach?

A Certified Health and Wellness Coach is someone who partnerwith clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes that are aligned with their values and promote health and wellness for greater well-beingA Certified Health and Wellness Coach demonstrates unconditional, positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, honoring that each client is an expert on their lifeand ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental. 

Read on to learn more about the State of Kansas Partnership with the Lifestyle Therapeutics Coaching Academy

State of Kansas Health & Wellness Coaching Certificaiton Program


The Lifestyle Therapeutics Coaching Academy has partnered with the State of Kansas to prepare the next generation of clinical health coaches to support the whole person. From nutrition, fitness and movement, mental / emotional wellbeing, and mastering activities of daily living we are on a mission to transform lives in the State of Kansas.

Increase Quality of Life

Increase Engagement

Increase Self-Efficacy

Benefits of the State of Kansas Health & Wellness Coaching Certification Training Program:

  • Become a Certified Lifestyle Therapeutics™ Coach: you will be an expert in our clinically proven and proprietary Lifestyle Therapy Coaching and Clinical Methods Model. 

  • Prepare for board-certification: you will receive evidence-based training for health coaching that is approved by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches and prepares you to sit for the NBHWC-Certifying exam.  

  • Apply your skills to increase patient Quality of Life, Engagement, and Self-Efficacy: you will develop a deeper understanding of concepts and skills that can be applied to patients within various State of Kansas populations. You will practice applying them with the support and mentorship from the NBC-HWC faculty.
  • Develop and sharpen the skills necessary to become a clinical health coach: expect one-on-one faculty support, small group practice sessions, and training on motivational interviewing techniques, among other skills needed to motivate behavioral change and deliver real outcomes. 

  • Apply the State of Kansas Program to your Organization: the State of Kansas program was developed to be applied across State of Kansas populations (substance abuse, homelessness, mental health, chronic conditions, and many more). You graduate with the skills and tools to start implementing this program to your facilities.  

Why Participate in the State of Kansas Health and Wellness Coaching Certification Training Program?

In 2019 the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches actively worked with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to secure Category III CPT Codes for health & wellness coaching. CPT codes are overseen by the American Medical Association and the NBHWC is currently coordinating the efforts to move from category III codes to category I codes within the next couple of years. The approved Health and Well-Being Coaching Category III CPT codes will be in effect for five years but are renewable. These temporary codes are intended to support the wide utilization and data collection, with and without reimbursement, required for AMA approval of Category 1 codes. 


The United States Veterans Administration has worked directly with the American Medical Association to create Billing Codes that can be used to provide Health & Wellness Life Coach Interventions. KDADS is currently working with the behavioral health provider network to get the providers certified and trained as the agency begins to collect data to support opening up a Medicaid billing code that will allow providers to bill for Health & Wellness Life Coaches. 


Future Goals for Expansion of the Behavioral Health Care Provider Network: As part of KDADS efforts to expand the work force, data is being collected to determine the future role that Health and Wellness Life Coaching can play in Kansas. Consideration for developing a billing code that may be a step up for the behavioral health case managers is part of those discussions. KDADS current efforts to offer training to the social service, behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse providers and case managers is essential in being able to support the need of this step up. 


For individuals with substance abuse and mental health co-occurring, individuals that struggle with mental health or substance abuse impairments often due damage to their physical bodies by lack of movement. Moving and exercise is an important part in an individuals recovery journey. A health and wellness coach can teach individuals things like exercise, health and nutrition that are essential in an individuals overall wellness and offer an alternative to current treatment methods. Health and Wellness Coaches work is more individualized and whole person centered. 

Next Cohorts: July - November, 2024 AND August - December, 2024.

The Lifestyle Therapeutics Coaching Academy is a 19 week-long program.

Please fill out the form to inquire about current price.

Next Cohort : July, 2024.  Registration going on now!  

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Interested in Becoming a Clinical Health Coach?

Questions? Please email us at academy@inhealthonline.com

What to expect once you’re accepted into the LTCA:

  • Live and on-demand trainings: Includes 17 weeks of Live weekly 4-hour meetings with faculty. The rest of the course content is self-directed through pre-recorded modules. 

  • 6-8 hours to commit per week: Expect to spend approximately 6-8 hours a week working on course work. Content includes video and audio instruction, written resources, handouts, worksheets, and quizzes. 

  • Mentorship from faculty: Mentors will provide live direction alongside written feedback to help further your coaching skills. 

  • Board certification prep and study guide: You will graduate with material that will serve as a study guide for the Board exam.  

  • Opportunity  to implement the State of Kansas Health coaching program upon graduation: You will have the skills and tools to be able to start implementing the State of Kansas Health Coaching Program within your facility or clients.  

  • A new community and new purpose: Join like-minded individuals on an exciting journey to become stewards of health and well-being for the many patients in need.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: When will I find out if my application was accepted? 

A: Applications will be reviewed within the enrollment period. Check your email for the acceptance email. 

Q: How long is the program? 

A: The program is 19 weeks long. 

Q: What does the path to becoming National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching certified look like? 

A: The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching is accelerating the professionalization of the field of health and wellness coaching. 

To qualify for the National Board Certification Exam you must: 

Q: Do you offer an installment plan on tuition? 

As employees of the State of Kansas, your dedication and commitment are highly valued, eligible employees will have the opportunity to pursue courses and programs at the Academy with tuition expenses fully covered by the State of Kansas. This initiative aims to empower you to expand your skill set, enhance your expertise, and further your career aspirations without the financial burden of tuition fees. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply fill out the form for more information. 

Q: Will I have to attend live class? 

A: There is a requirement to meet weekly for the 17 weeks for a 4-hour class, at a specified hour and day of the week. Attending class is part of your work committment and is fully covered as by the State of Kansas.

Q: Do you train Case Managers, and Social workers as well as Clinical Health Coaches? 

A: Yes! We train and welcome case managers, social service, substance abuse providers, and mental health professionals. Coaching compliments these fields through empowering your clients to become more self-efficant and progressively become more confident in their ability to make the best lifestyle choices. 

Meet some of Our Staff

As the Program Director of the Lifestyle Therapeutics Coaching Academy, Judith brings a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds in health promotion and clinical health across community, clinical, and insurance settings. With a robust history of implementing health education programs in weight management across all age groups and populations, my career spans over two decades in the holistic health coaching field.

Judith Brinn, NBC-HWC, CPHE, CWHC

Academy Program Director

Michelle Alencar serves as the Chief Science Officer for inHealth, she is also an Associate Professor at California State University, Long Beach. She has published over 40 peer-reviewed research publications. She is a certified clinical nutritionist and exercise physiologist with a passion for lifestyle therapeutics because of its capability to provide nutrition, fitness and behavior modification for health and holistic wellness. Michelle recently graduated from the Lifestyle Therapeutics Coaching Academy.

Michelle Alencar, PhD, NBC-HWC

CSO, Co-Founder & Faculty Member

Abby has been partnering with clients to help them take the lead in designing the kind of life they want by developing positive health and wellness behaviors for over 20 years. She has a BS and MSEd in Exercise Science and is a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified exercise physiologist and registered experienced yoga teacher. She believes everyone deserves to feel and live their best life and is passionate about collaborating with others to help them get there.

Abby Eastman NBC-HWC C-EP, ERYT-200

Lead Learning Facilitator

Katie is a health and wellness coach, dietitian, and tobacco treatment specialist. She recognizes that we are all on a journey with our health and is honored to partner with patients to help them achieve a higher level of wellbeing. She works with clients to uncover strengths, solutions, and motivation.


LTCA Mentor

Alison is a seasoned Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach with over eight years of coaching experience, holds a specialized focus within clinical health coaching.  Alison leverages her rich tapestry of experiences in corporate training and human rleations to inspire and mentor future health coaches through her leadership, extensive coaching skills knowledge, and mentorship abilities within our academy.  

Alison Quackenbush, NBC-HWC, CIHC

Learning Facilitator and Health Coach

Testimonials from Our Students

The ripple effect of empowerment is profound!

Since incorporating my coaching skills with members, the impact has been truly remarkable. Witnessing them maintain their homes, take ownership of their goals, and work diligently towards achieving them has been immensely gratifying.

— Kylie C., Kansas State Employee
Honing our communication skills to better connect with patients.

As a seasoned 911 paramedic, I've dedicated years to serving our community during times of crisis. Through the academy, I envision integrating the wealth of knowledge and skills, paving the way for more effective care in the future. What excites me most is the prospect of honing our communication skills to better

— MG- Kansas State Employee
The education I received through the Academy far exceeded my expectations as a student and health coach.

Weekly study groups with my cohorts was such a valuable piece in shaping me into the coach I am today. I find myself drawing from the skills and techniques I learned through this course on a daily basis and I appreciate the relationships formed with others in the field if I should need a resource.  

— - Alicia B. Kansas State Employee