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Layer a lifestyle therapy around
your medical device to enhance
usability and improve outcomes.

Integrate Your Technology with inHealth

InHealth Mobile App

inHealthNow App

Take advantage of remote patient monitoring through the inHealthNow app or any other HIPAA-compliant platform that connects to smart devices. We offer end-to-end capabilities, as well as integration of our services with existing platforms.

InHealth Human interaction

Human Interaction

Our online health coaches meet with patients on a weekly or biweekly basis via the easy-to-use inHealthNow app. These clinically proven lifestyle therapy services are designed to serve as a complementary layer around your medical device via video.

Individualized Solutions

Individualized Solutions

inHealth solutions are built with the individual in mind. Based on the condition of their health as well as their preferences, a dedicated health coach will offer patients a customized solution that is better suited to fuel positive outcomes.

Consider the Partnership Possibilities

Sleep Apnea CPAP Manufacturer

The manufacturer of sleep apnea CPAP machines requires a patient adherence program.

Bariatric Surgery Device Company

An implanted bariatric surgery device company needs a pre- and post-operative support and obesity management program.

Glucose Monitor Manufacturer

Concerned with becoming a commodity, a glucose monitor manufacturer aims to differentiate itself and build loyalty through a wraparound health coaching program.

Diabetes Pharmaceutical Company

A large diabetes pharmaceutical company needs a healthy living program to complement its breakthrough diabetes drug.

The ROI You Can Expect From Our Platform

Increased Engagement

Increased Engagement

With a dedicated inHealth coach, patients have access to personalized support while they use your medical device. This degree of human interaction boosts patient engagement and leaves them more empowered in their wellness journey.

Understanding data

Better Understanding of Data

inHealth coaches help translate the data your medical device collects into actionable next steps — ones that patients can follow in their daily life to improve wellness. This ensures medical devices work for both patients and doctors alike.


Improved Outcomes

Through the inHealth method, patients receive the individualized attention they need to prevent, manage and improve chronic conditions. With higher engagement and accountability while using your medical device, patients see drastically better results.

Partner with inHealth to
complement your device.

With integration comes innovation. Pairing your medical device with inHealth’s online health coaching services enhances the overall usability of your device and is clinically proven to improve patient outcomes. As patients succeed, so does your device.

Let inHealth help
support your efforts.

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