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PRESS RELEASE: inHealth Receives National Board Certification for its Lifestyle Therapeutics Coaching Academy

inHealth | August 26, 2020

A new standard of care emerges as digital health company prepares to train many more coaches on its proprietary method of clinical health coaching for chronic disease

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 26, 2020 inHealth, a Lifestyle Therapeutics company with a mission to unlock the human potential for preventing and reversing chronic disease, today announced its Lifestyle TherapeuticsTM Coaching Academy will become a nationally certified coaching program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), pending the graduation of its first coaching cohort in March 2021. Graduates of that cohort will now be eligible to apply for the Health and Wellness Coach Certifying Examination, a level of certification not afforded to the typical health coach.

“Digital therapeutics can improve today’s standard of care, but differentiating promise versus reality is challenging,” said Harry Kim, Executive Chairman and CEO, inHealth. “At inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics we have demonstrated that lifestyle is blockbuster medicine when guided by trained clinical coaches and delivered virtually. Through this national board certification and accreditation program, we now offer a pathway for the next generation of health coaches to scale our clinically proven outcomes and industry-leading patient engagement.”

Unlike most health coaches, inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics employs clinical health coaches, trained to deliver inHealth’s proprietary method of lifestyle therapy – based on seven, holistic pillars of health and wellness – with a focus on the patient’s personal goals and intrinsic motivators to achieve them. These coaches unlock the patient’s potential for improving their own health while simultaneously guiding them toward improved clinical outcomes.

InHealth's clinical health coaches are also unique in that they partner with a patient’s primary care provider, delivering Lifestyle Therapeutics as part of a prescribed, reimbursable service.

With the national board accreditation, inHealth’s clinical health coaches can now be certified by the NBHWC, considered the leading health and wellness board for its work, alongside the National Board of Medical Examiners, to develop and administer licensing examinations nationwide. The accreditation also increases a coach’s ability to collect reimbursement; only coaches that have gone through this program can use Category 3 CPT codes for coaching visits.

“When trained correctly, health coaches have the potential to help patients improve outcomes, support clinicians in treating patients, and collect more reimbursement, adding value throughout the healthcare chain,” said Dr. Michelle Alencar, Chief Science Officer, inHealth. “With this program, we intend to expand our network of clinical health coaches and bring Lifestyle Therapeutics to the millions of people managing multiple chronic conditions and seeking help in making long-lasting, behavioral change. What’s more, we can now train the many coaches that our partners – including health plans and employers – are looking to upskill in this move toward value-based, preventative care.”

For more information on inHealth’s virtual Lifestyle Therapeutics, clinical outcomes and work with partners please visit www.inhealthonline.com.

About inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics

We are a Lifestyle Therapeutics company with a mission to unlock the human potential for preventing and reversing chronic disease. Our clinically validated, virtual solutions are scientifically proven to activate and sustain long-term patient outcomes, and delivered by trained, clinical health coaches. Our Lifestyle Therapeutics can be prescribed by physicians, covered by most insurance, and delivered through our partnerships with providers, employers and digital health innovators. Like our services, we are a virtual company with team members all over the U.S., and we are hiring. To learn more, visit www.inhealthonline.com.


Media Contact:

Amanda Guisbond

Marketing at inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics